An overview of the different flooring options which are available to homeowners today.

Wood flooring generally comes in two main types:

1. Engineered wood flooring: For engineered wood flooring, each piece is made out of two layers of wood. The top layer is what is visible upon installation, and it’s attached to the second layer — the core. Engineered wood is often confused with laminate, vinyl, or veneer flooring, but unlike these types of flooring, engineered wood is made entirely out of wood, just in two separate pieces.

2. Solid wood flooring: Each plank is made out of solid wood, from a single piece of timber. This wood is mostly used for its appearance, but is not always used because of its temperamental nature. Solid wood has a greater likelihood of expanding and contracting with moisture and temperature change. Most contractors will recommend that it’s not installed directly over concrete, in basements, or with radiant floor heating. Once you’ve decided to go with solid or engineered wood, it’s time to think about how your hardwood will be cut. Strip flooring is cut at a set width, but the thickness of each piece can vary. Plank flooring only has two thickness variations, but the widths can vary substantially. Parquet flooring can be arranged in beautiful patterns, with the planks of wood held together by an adhesive.